About Us

About Us


Unveiling the Journey to the Heart of Africa

Born in a quaint town nestled in the enchanting landscapes of Girona, Spain, I’ve always been captivated by the allure of travel. As I explored countless destinations, my heart found its truest resonance in Kenya.

During my years in Spain, I worked in various finance positions in a tech consultancy. However, as time passed, an insatiable spirit of adventure awakened within me. I found myself tirelessly working for eleven months, eagerly anticipating that one treasured month reserved for my explorations until I came to realize that my approach was amiss. It wasn’t about toiling for eleven months to savor a fleeting escape; rather, my very being yearned for eleven months of experiences, returning home only when necessary.

It was at this pivotal moment that destiny played its hand, after my trip to Kenya—the resounding “call of Africa” echoed through my soul.

Kenya; a country that unveiled its breathtaking landscapes, its vibrant people, and, above all, the overwhelming emotions that surged within me during those awe-inspiring safaris in its national parks. It was in the magical of Maasai Mara that I found the most special connection—a place that has forever etched itself upon my heart. Its sweeping plains, age-old trees and acacias, hidden corners, rocky terrains, enchanting sunsets, vivid hues, and, of course, the magnificent wildlife—all seemed to whisper directly to my soul.


a tale of passion and creativity in the Kenyan Wilderness

Morris is a true son of Kenya hailing from the esteemed Kamba tribe. His roots trace back to the vibrant landscapes surrounding the magnificent Mau Forest. From a young age, Morris forged an unbreakable bond with the mesmerizing Masai Mara, traversing its diverse terrains and immersing himself in its wonders. But it was his unwavering fascination with vehicles that set him on a remarkable journey to becoming one of the most skilled bush mechanics you’ll ever encounter. Morris is, without a doubt, a devoted Land Rover enthusiast, with an unquenchable thirst for exploration.

While Morris’s mind ceaselessly teems with ideas and possibilities, his true artistry has evolve into transforming humble pieces of local wood into exquisite and one-of-a-kind furniture. Everything that can be crafted by hand becomes his cherished challenge.

There’s only one thing that Morris resolutely avoids – paperwork and laptops!

And Enkopiro was born…

and Ian was born

In 2019, we embarked together on a new challenge—a project that would not only conserve an Elephant Corridor at the threshold of Maasai Mara but also become the embodiment of our dreams. Enkopiro, a small-tented camp, emerged as the centerpiece of our dedication. Today, it is more than a professional project; it is our life’s project—a testament to our unwavering commitment.

We both feel at home in this land, and with the Enkopiro project, another significant project emerged in our lives—our son, Ian, who was born in March 2020 amidst the construction of the camp, just a few days before the covid global pandemic confined all of us.

At less than three months old, Ian set foot on Enkopiro for the first time. He is, without a doubt, the most incredible little “warrior”, with a given name here as “Reteti”; he is our energy, our happiness and the true heart of Enkopiro.